Hugh Taylor, Founder of the Midlife Empowerment (ME) Community, is available for booking.  Taylor has extensive teaching and speaking experience, including presentations made to job clubs in Lorain, Hudson and Cleveland, Ohio.  He has delivered presentations in many corporate and higher education venues, including:

  • IBM Rational DeveloperWorks Conference
  • IBM global sales team training workshop
  • HP Technology Forum
  • Microsoft Service-Oriented Architecture Conference
  • Microsoft Executive Briefing Center
  • Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Conference
  • Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Information
  • Instructor at UCLA Extension School

Available for Booking                                                                                                                                   

–          Keynotes                                                                                                                                             

–          Corporate training                                                                                                                          

–          Workshops and seminars                                                                                                           

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“Thank you for coming to the Career Transition Center  on April 1 to present ‘On Your Own. Not Alone.’  I believe our clients learned new tools got a lot out of the session.  I heard many good comments from them after you left. They said they found it to be a good mix of advice and personal inspiration.  We hope you will come back to our other location to do the same program soon. ”

Cynthia K. Wilt
President, Board of Directors
Career Transition Center
Cleveland, OH



On Your Own. Not Alone

Thriving in the “New Normal” of Today’s Job Market


Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean that we should be negative about our prospects for earning a good income and enjoying satisfaction from our work.  In this presentation, Hugh Taylor, who survived a mid-life layoff from a Fortune 500 company, explores ways that we can discover our true strengths and find a path to thriving in the “New Normal” of today’s job market.  Blending wisdom, humor, and practical insights, Hugh Taylor gives encouragement to audiences that want to move forward in their careers in a difficult economic climate.

  • Defining the “New Normal” of today.
  • Addressing the reality: You’re on your own. But, you’re not alone.
  • Believing that you can thrive today.
  • Practical steps to thriving in the “New Normal”



Hugh Taylor delivering “On Our Own. Not Alone” at Lorain Community College career transitions workshop in Lorain, Ohio – June, 2015.